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Do you have a great idea for a book but don’t quite know what to do next?

Are you partway through your first draft but hit a snag you don’t know how to unsnag?

Have you finished a book but keep hearing agents and editors say, “Not right for us”?

Did you self-publish only to learn that readers aren't impressed with your work?

This is the place for you! Here, you’ll find information on how to write your book, get it published, and find readers for it—whether you’re talking fiction or nonfiction.

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Whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, you'll learn the skills you need to attract clients, gain readers, and get paid for your work.

Books for Writers
Find books, reports, and more information on how to perfect your writing skills.
Online classes
Get guidance and feedback through ecourses. Completely online, these classes offer guidance and personal feedback for your project
Coaching for your specific project
If you need help with a specific problem or need help deciding on your next steps, a personal coaching session can help.

Overview of Be Your Own Book Doctor

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Writers' Blog

Your first stop for writing and publishing advice

Many common questions writers have about the writing process and about the publishing industry are answered on the blog.

Books for Writers

Guidance for new and established writers

Jennifer's books and reports for writers offer in-depth information to help you succeed.

Online Classes for Writers and Editors

Personal feedback and tested strategies

Accomplish intimidating projects such as writing a book proposal or putting together a pitch letter and synopsis.

Personal Coaching

Custom coaching for your project (and your career)!

If you've hit a snag and you need a professional consultation, Jennifer is happy to arrange for a custom coaching session.

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The Testimonials

Many aspiring and established writers have used Jennifer's writing advice and guidance to achieve their writing goals. She shares her experience in three easily accessible formats--books, classes, and personalized coaching.

Kristin Ohlson

Jennifer's class helped me clarify my ideas into a successful book proposal that drew the interest of three major publishers and a winning offer from one of them. I am so grateful for her guidance!

Karen Kroll

Jennifer has been invaluable in helping to shape my novel. Her insight is spot-on and she’s wonderful to work with—candid, yet unfailingly encouraging.

Dara Chadwick

Taking Jennifer’s book proposal class was one of the smartest decisions I made on the path to getting my book published. Her no-nonsense approach to the proposal writing process helped me refine my idea and find the confidence to push it forward. Her feedback was encouraging, but also challenged me to make my writing better. I’m currently working on a couple of potential book ideas and I’m still using the process Jennifer taught to create marketable proposals. If you’re serious about moving from idea to published book, Jennifer’s class is a wise investment.

Erica Ellis

Jennifer is a great instructor. If you are looking for guidance on writing a nonfiction book proposal, check out her class.

Amy Leigh Mecree

Jennifer helped me make over my novel and create a page turner! I recommend her wholeheartedly! Her professional demeanor and valuable guidance were indispensable to me.

About Jennifer Lawler

Jennifer Lawler is the author or coauthor of more than forty books, mostly nonfiction, including her popular and award-winning Dojo Wisdom series (Penguin). She has written a number of romances under three pen names. Her articles and essays have appeared in print and online publications such as Family Circle, Cooking Light, Writer’s Digest, and She has worked as a book development editor on a wide range of editorial projects—everything from cookbooks to memoir—and launched Crimson Romance, a romance ebook imprint, for Adams Media, overseeing all aspects of acquisitions, editorial, and production. She has worked as a magazine editor, a writing instructor, and a literary agent.

She earned her Ph.D in medieval English literature from the University of Kansas and a black belt in Taekwondo at approximately the same time. She hasn't quite decided which has been more helpful in her career.

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