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Finish Your Book bootcamp!

If you have a book project (fiction or nonfiction) that you’re struggling to make progress on, please join me for an online Finish Your Book Bootcamp! It starts May 18th and ends June 14th–and it’s free.

What is Finish Your Book Bootcamp? It’s basically an accountability partnership. You set your overall goal for the month. Then each Monday you say what you’ll accomplish that week. There’s a midweek check-in and a Friday check-in. I’m the point person you share your goals with and I’ll send along a couple of emails each week with some thoughts on motivation. With those midweek check-ins I try to help brainstorm solutions to problems people are having.

The bootcamp includes a Facebook group page where everyone who wants to can post their goals and help each other figure out stumbling blocks. Sometimes just having the accountability can make a difference. Last year I made amazing progress on a personal project and so did several students. If it sounds like you’d want to join, just let me know! There’s no charge for the bootcamp. Just email me at But do let me know ASAP. I can only take a limited number of participants.

Six-Week Book Proposal Class – Starts September 9!

Write Your Book Proposal E-Course

Starts September 9, 2013

For many writers and experts who’d like to write a nonfiction book, putting together the book proposal is the most intimidating – yet most important – part of the process. Veteran book author Jennifer Lawler’s six-week e-course will walk you through every step of the way, from idea to finished proposal. This class is offered just two times per year, in March and September.

For complete information about this class, click here.

Book Proposal Boot Camp – June 15th and 16th

Book Proposal Boot Camp

Write your book proposal in a weekend! 

June 15th and 16th, 2013!

My popular book proposal class usually takes place over the course of six weeks. But I’m offering a new approach – Book Proposal Boot Camp! This is a virtual class – everything takes place via email and online – that will take place over just one weekend.

For complete information about this class, click here.